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44. Python, Pandas Project P5: Orders Management System

43. Python, Pandas Project P4: Orders Management System

42. Python, Pandas Project P3: Orders Management System First time run will trigger the ‘File Exists check point’ read about this.

41. Python, Pandas Project P2: Orders Management System Read about Main Menu and creation of the data file.

40. Python, Pandas Project P1: Orders Management System Read about the project concept and outline.

39. Pandas Lesson 6: Simple Zoo Application P6 Learn about editing records function and deleting records.

38. Pandas Lesson 5: Simple Zoo Application P5 Read about missing data in the dataframe, Add new record and save the file.

37. Pandas Lesson 4: Simple Zoo Application P4 Learn how to show the columns in your data file, showing the data type of each column and sorting the data based on certain column.

36. Pandas Lesson 3: Simple Zoo Application P3 First functions in the system 1.load the data file 2. Display a sample 5 rows from the data.

35. Pandas Lesson 2: Simple Zoo Application P2 User choice function, and the menu.

34. Pandas Lesson 1: Simple Zoo Application P1Learn about The Menu and functions names in the Zoo system.

33. Name: Champernowne’s constant Problem No.40 @ ProjectEuler need to get some digits from a large decimal fraction.

32. Name: Combinatoric Selections Problem 53 @ projecteuler

31. Name: Permuted MultiplesProblem No.52 @ Projecteuler
the goal is to find a number X that if we get the X, X*2, X*3, X*4, X*5, X*6 all the numbers are same digits but in a different order.

30. Name: Number Letter Counts Problem 17 on Projecteuler, find total numbers of alphabetic in all words of numbers from 1 to 1000.

29. Name: 10001st Prime Problem No.7 @ ProjectEuler Just find the prime No 10001.

28. Name: Largest Prime FactorProblem No.3 on ProjectEuler, is get all the factors of a given number, then to print out the largest prime one.

27. Name: Even Fibonacci Numbers ProjectEuler Problem No.2: Task is to find the sum of the even-valued terms in Fibonacci sequence whose values do not exceed four million.

26. Name: Distinct PowersProjectEuler Problem No.29: Task to find How many distinct terms are in the sequence generated by ab for 2 ≤ a ≤ 100 and 2 ≤ b ≤ 100?

25. Name: 1000-Digit Fibonacci No.25, ProjectEuler: Find the first Fibonacci index to contain 1000 digits.

24. Name: Digit factorial Chains
No.74 @ ProjectEuler: We need to produce a chain of the summation of a factorial number… Read the post

23. Name: Split and joinThe target of this task is to Split a given text message on the newline (\n) then use the join builtin to stitch it together using a ‘|’ (pipe).

22. Name: Square Digit Chain
ProjectEuler Problem No.92 the task stated in this problem as ” How many starting numbers below ten million will arrive at 89?”

21. Name: Perfect Number
ProjectEuler Problem No.23 talking about Non-abundant sums and the numbers group.

20. Name: Self Powers
Problem No.48 on ProjectEuler, Find the power of each number to itsefl in the range of 1 to 1000 and get the sum of all numbers.

19. Name: Digit Fifth Powers
Projecteuler Problem No.30, Find the sum of all the numbers that can be written as the sum of fifth powers of their digits.

18. Name: Triangle Number
Projecteuler problem No.42, Triangle Words and values.

17. Name: Curious Number
Problem No.34 in ProjectEuler. A number is Curious Number if the factorial of their digits equal to the number itself.

16. Name: Factorial Digit Sum
Problem No.20 in projectEuler is to get the sum of the digits in the number Factorial of 100!

15. Name: Longest Collatz Sequence
This is Problem No.14 in projectEuler, The task is to fined the chain of numbers starting from N based on formula depending on (if N is even or odd)

14. Name: Factors of the Number N
Ask the user for a number N then will get all the pairs number that if we multiply them will get that N number.

13. Name: Is it Armstrong Numbers
With a given number we will check if it is Armstrong or not.

12. Name: Armstrong number in a range
We are checking a range of given numbers and printing each Armstrong numbers and we count them.

11. Name: Sum of power of digits
This is Problem No.16 in projectEuler, the task was to find the sum of the digits of (2^1000), but i make it general soe the user will inter the number and the power.

10. Name: Prime Numbers in a Range
In a given ranges, we will get all the prime numbers in it.

9. Name: Difference of sum of the square and the square of the sum
This is Problem No.6 in projectEuler, we take a numbers from the user and apply the function.

8. Name: Prime Numbera
Function name is_prime check a given number if it is a prime or not.

7. Name: Fibonacci Numbers
This is Problem No.2 in projectEuler, Get the Fibonacci sequence range from the user and count how many even valued terms is there.

6.Name: Pluralise a Word
Loop through a dictionary and pluralise a word based on the value amount.

5. Name: Sum n numbers
The function will take a number from the user and will return the sum of the digits in that number.

4. Name: Binary Search
Search to finds the position of a target value within a sorted array.

3. Name: Expenditure Application
We have a function there to Add new Entry to a json file. that is a user will enter some data and we will save it to json file.

2. Name: Date Validation
return any given date to dd/mm/yyyy. So if the user enter something like this “2/05/12” the function will return “02/05/2012”.

1. Name: The Menu
Just a menu function for the multiple functions application. I used No. 9 is exit.