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Here is an index page to list down all my Python projects posts for fast search. The list are not ordered. Click on the name to jump to the project page.

16. Name: Factorial Digit Sum
Problem No.20 in projectEuler is to get the sum of the digits in the number Factorial of 100!

15. Name: Longest Collatz Sequence
This is Problem No.14 in projectEuler, The task is to fined the chain of numbers starting from N based on formula depending on (if N is even or odd)

14. Name: Factors of the Number N
Ask the user for a number N then will get all the pairs number that if we multiply them will get that N number.

13. Name: Is it Armstrong Numbers
With a given number we will check if it is Armstrong or not.

12. Name: Armstrong number in a range
We are checking a range of given numbers and printing each Armstrong numbers and we count them.

11. Name: Sum of power of digits
This is Problem No.16 in projectEuler, the task was to find the sum of the digits of (2^1000), but i make it general soe the user will inter the number and the power.

10. Name: Prime Numbers in a Range
In a given ranges, we will get all the prime numbers in it.

9. Name: Difference of sum of the square and the square of the sum
This is Problem No.6 in projectEuler, we take a numbers from the user and apply the function.

8. Name: Prime Numbera
Function name is_prime check a given number if it is a prime or not.

7. Name: Fibonacci Numbers
This is Problem No.2 in projectEuler, Get the Fibonacci sequence range from the user and count how many even valued terms is there.

6.Name: Pluralise a Word
Loop through a dictionary and pluralise a word based on the value amount.

5. Name: Sum n numbers
The function will take a number from the user and will return the sum of the digits in that number.

4. Name: Binary Search
Search to finds the position of a target value within a sorted array.

3. Name: Expenditure Application
We have a function there to Add new Entry to a json file. that is a user will enter some data and we will save it to json file.

2. Name: Date Validation
return any given date to dd/mm/yyyy. So if the user enter something like this “2/05/12” the function will return “02/05/2012”.

1. Name: The Menu
Just a menu function for the multiple functions application. I used No. 9 is exit.