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Python: Self Power

Python: Self Powers
Problem No.48 on ProjectEuler

Another easy task in Problem No.48. We have to find the power of each number to itsefl in the range of 1 to 1000 and get the sum of all numbers, then to find the last ten digits of the series.

In this Task we will save the powers in a set name powers then we run a for loop
to get the sum of all elements in the lest, later will reade the last ten digits.

Enhancment In this problem I will not do any more than solving the problem, but if we want to enhance the project, we can ask the user to enter a range and we perform the function on that range of numbers.

The Code:


def get_power(num):


for x in range(1,1001):


for each in powers:


print (‘the sum is ‘,sum)

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