Macro on Berries

Here are different type of Berries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberry all under Nikkor Macro 105mm lens mounted on my great Nikon D90 camera using Nikon SB900 Speedlight, ISO fixed to 200 and the camera was in-hand. Click the images to enlarge.

First lets see the setup, here is my Nikon SB900 flash with the homemade diffusers.
DSC_4079 copy

This is a general look to the Berries basket.
DSC_4076 copy

Here we are with the Raspberries, a beautiful red/pink sweet fruit.
DSC_4077 copy

Coming two photos of Strawberries with two focus point, click to enlarge.
DSC_4084 copy

Now the focus changed.
DSC_4085 copy

The Blueberries, In fact I start eating after some shoots, very tasty.
DSC_4086 copy

Another Strawberries shoot.
DSC_4089 copy

Raspberries again.
DSC_4091 copy

I will try the crop on this photo.
DSC_4080 copy

Here i crop the last one
DSC_4080 copy2

More of Raspberries.
DSC_4081 copy

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