In this page i will give some links to files that can be downloaded, a description will be next to each file name.

Adobe LightRoom2 preset files:
All the files to be stored in your Adobe Ligthroom path:
On PC: C:\Documents and Settings\…\Adobe\Lightroom\Develop Presets\

Table last update: 18-4-2012
Click the file name to download

File Name Description File Size Sample effect
BlueGreen Instagram 4 preset Blue & Green Instagram effect 5.6k
More Green color Adding green color to your images.. 1k Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
More Color Temp To add more color temperature you may need to adjust some parameters as your photos need. 1.3k Sample
More Soft Lights Add some lights and move the tone to be more soft. 1kb Sample
More Yellow Yellow tone with shadows around the image. 1kb Sample
Retro soft with shadow Reto effect 1kb Sample
Old Brown Old brown effect, rar file. 1kb
4 colors Add 4 colors to the photo corners Green, Blue, Peachy and Red. 2kb Click to see the Result
Light Pink Add a light pink effect to the photo. 1kb

Files will be shared on Free account.

Adobe Photoshop Action files:
All the files to be stored in your Adobe Photoshop path
[Your Drive] .. Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop \Presets\Photoshop Actions

Table last update:21-8-2012
Click the file name to download

File Name Description File Size Sample effect
Frame Art1 To Create small squares rotated in right corner 3.22k More Sample
Curve Frames Will create a curved rectangular with with background. 1k Sample

Wide Double Black Divides the image to three parts, the up & down are black with Fill 59%, Opacity 80% and white border. 1K See the Sample
Simple Dark 0.5cm white border with dark level photo. 1k Sample Image
Double Black Two Black borders one around the image the other around the file it self. 1k Click to see Sample
Difference Radial Blur .. 1.18k See the Sample..
Frame Action: Normal with Shadow Will create a frame with little shadows around it. 4K Click to see Sample
Gold & Black Frame Black rectangular as a outside frame, and another yellow (olive) rectangular as a inner frame. 1K See the sample here

Python Projects Source Code:
Here I will upload some of Python Projects Source Code that i worked on, the files will be as py extension. Other data-set file files as csv or json also may be uploaded.

Table last update: 24-3-2020
Click the file name to download

File Name Description Size Posts
Python: Python & Excel P-1 To read and Write data to an Excel file. Read Post
Python: Cooking Application: Show Recipe Function ## Will be Uploaded Soon ## Read the Post
Python: Cooking Application: Edit a Recipe ## Will be Uploaded Soon ## Read the Post
Python: Cooking Application: Delete a Recipe Function to Delete a recipe from the cooking DataBase. 1.59KB Read the Post
Python: Cooking Application: Add New Recipe ## Will be Uploaded Soon ## Read the Post
Python: Cooking Application: Recipes Menu

The Function of the Recipe Menu from Cooking Application Read the Post
Python: Cooking Application: Ingredient Menu Cooking Application: Code for Ingredient Menu Function and:
* Show all Ingredient.
* Add New Ingredient.
* Delete Ingredient.
* Edit an Ingredient.
Read the Post
Python: Cooking Application: Create the Tables Code to create the Tables for the Cooking Application.
Python: Main Menu Template Python Code to write a Menu for the applications.
Python: Armstrong in Range Function get all Armstrong numbers between two numbers upper-limit and lower-limit. 875 B Read the post.
Python: Factors of number Return a list contain factors of a given number. 413 B Read the post
Python: Is it Armstrong Checks if a given number is armstrong or not 591 B Read the Post
Python: Get number divisors This Function will return all divisor of a given number.
Python: Date Validation Takes the user input for a date, return it in good format. Help to
standardize dates input.
2.05kb Read the Post
Python: Fake Color Code Function to generate a random color code in RGB or Hex. Read the Post Here
Python: Fake ID’s Function to Generate Fake ID Number. Read the Post Here..
Python: Fake Time Function to generate random Times, s = (12 or 24) as style can be passed to the function.
Python: Load Data From URL Function to load json data-set file from ulr
Python: Read Information Key Function to print-out the Information key from my json data-set file.
Python: Fake Animal Name Function to return a list of random animal name under certain category.
Json : Jason data-set file. Last update:

LEGAL TERM: Anyone can use the files in this page under his responsible. The owner/creator is not responsible for any missing or wrong data may exist in the files (the code and/or the data-sets).

  1. Kawe Isam
    July 9, 2011 at 2:36 am

    Salam Mr Ali..
    i want download your lightroom preset file..but it’s working at the version 3 ?
    Interesting job man..

    • July 10, 2011 at 9:02 am

      Dear Sir,
      I am using LightRoom 2 and i don’t have any idea if it will work on V3 or not. thanks for your visit. have a nice day..

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