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Strobist Techniques

October 21, 2009 2 comments

Strobist Techniques:  Part 1 , [ Click here to read Part 2 ]

The light is the key element in the photography, you may use the day-light, or the camera built-in flash but to play with lights and shadows you will need one or more external lights with remote fire capability. (I have the Nikon SB-900)
In this article i will loade some photos and the studio set-up for each to see the lights position and how this will effect the final result.
  • The Studio is my Kitchen.
  • Home Made LightBox.
  • Stand for the camera.
  • SB-900 SpeedLigth.
  • I will use the normal room light -ceiling light-.


   This is the Studio
   A shot without any lights (Just the normal room light – ceiling light-)
   Same after Crop.
   Light in Position 1, on lift and 100% of the light power.
   Same after Crop.
   Light in position 2, left, head 45%up, 50% light power.
The ligth position 2
     Same after Crop.

   Light in position 3, left, flash on the lightbox, 50% light power.

   light position 3. (you may use stand for the flash)
   Same after Crop.
   Same light positin with 100% light power.
    Same after Crop with 100% light power.
   Light from the top of the Object (you can see it here), 80%light power. 
   Same After Crop
The SB900 position, inside the lightbox 
Same after Crop 
 Another objects.
 I hope it’s clear, part 2 will be for BlackBox and macro shotting.
For more photos please take time and look at my Flickr Hawee-Ta3kees