Product Photography

Product Photography page is about Products that i have, i will use same structure of
My-Stamps page and will redirect to the main article. Page created on 6/1/2013, more photos to be added from my old images or a new taken.

I am using Nikon D90, D7100 Camera and Nikon 35m and Nikon 18-300m lenses Nikon SB900 and Neewer TT560 as a Flashes.

Click the Image to enlarge, or the link below to read more.

صفحه تصوير المنتجات وهي خاصه بالاجهزة و العطور والمنتجات بشكل عام، استخدم فيها علبه الاضاءه وعدسات مختلفه مثل النيكون 35م او النيكون 18-300م وايضا النيكون 18-105م

DSC_5604 copy DSC_5570 copy
Si: Giorgio Armani CACAO Percentage
DSC_4949 copy DSC_4845 copy DSC_5476 copy
Candles KENZO Galaxy Note 3
DSC_5012 copy DSC_2979 copy DSC_5110 copy
Dolce Gusto: Chococino Communicator 9300i Cappuccino
DSC_4171 copy DSC_4954 copy DSC_4952 copy

Tea Mug
DSC_4990 copy DSC_4911 copy DSC_3526 copy
Dolce Gusto: Cappuccion Gel Candle
DSC_4846 copy DSC_4897 copy D3_22_2_2011 copyWP3
Chopard 2TB External H.D Canon Coffee Mug
P365_7_3_2011_D16_WP P365_11_3_2011_D20_WP P365_9_3_2011_D18_WP
My Nokia N97 Rubiks Cube iPhone 4
P365_12_3_2011_D21_WP D11_2_3_2011 copy

DSC_0231 copy
DSC_3032_copy DSC_3843 copy DSC_3463 copy
Jo MALONE – London Sanex
DSC_3550 copy DSC_2833 copy DSC_2837 copy
Tokina 11-16mm Lens Eyeliner Sweet Pack
DSC_2821 copy

DSC_0108 copy

DSC_7450 copy
Wedding Accessories One Touch Ultra Casio model ‘PRW-1500T-7VER’
DSC_3028_copy DSC_3036_copy DSC_3008_copy
Strawberry Milk studio Set-up Read More
Copy of DSC_0182 copy Copy of DSC_3168 copy D90_20091228_02375 copy
HUGO ‘N’ Advertising Action Tea Set, On the Shelf Nikon 35mm f/1.8G lens,
Sample photos
D90_20100506_0633DSC_4068 copy D90_20110130_6245DSC_9881 copy D90_20110130_6252DSC_9872 copy
Masterpiece New Hugo BOSS in lightbox LACOSTE Sport
DSC_0118 copy DSC_3243 copy DSC_0870 copy
Sigma 50-500 lens CH ‘N’ Advertising Action AIGNER ‘N’ Advertising Action
PRADA, Read More Nikon 18-300mm Lens Minolta, Read More
DSC01668 copy DSC_2457 copy DSC_2483_ipod3
Perfume in phone box GUCCI ‘N’ Advertising Action iPod Tutch
illy the coffee


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