A Banknote (often known as paper money) is a kind of negotiable instrument, a promissory note made by a bank payable to the bearer on demand, used as money. Many countries uses a traditional images/drawing to be printed on their money. In this page i will try to show some of the MoneyArt.

مشروع تصوير الاوراق النقديه وما تحويه من صور ورسومات، حيث العديد من هذه الرسومات تمثل صور من ثقافة الدول او معالم حضاريه خاصة بها.

Kuwait | Qatar | UAE







  1. April 25, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    Seeing UAE Dirhams daily, I felt Qatari riyal has some nice mix of colors in it… This is a good post, of money-art or financial-art! And you got it detailed in each note! So that makes it art as well as security featues…

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