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What we meant by a 100% crop?

March 31, 2009 Leave a comment

A 100% crop is: a part of an image that is viewed at the original resolution. Think of it like a picture puzzle, after you have it all together it makes a nice big picture, now if you take one of those little pieces out and look at it on it’s own, that is the same thing you are doing with a 100% crop. So this is an 800 x 600, 100% crop.
Source: Bill Huber blog.
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Macro Shots with 105mm macro lens

March 27, 2009 Leave a comment

   In this section i will post some macro shots that i get useing the Nicon 105mm macro, i will post the upload date with the photos. 
 [Upload in 7-4-2009]
Shots @ 1:2, … No Crop.
 [Upload in 4-4-2009]

Shots @ 1:1, … Croped image.

[Upload in 3-4-2009]
4 photos all Shots @ 1:1
[Upload in 31-3-2009]
Shot @ 1:2,
Shot @ 1:1, No Crop
[Upload in 30-3-2009]
Shot @ 1:2,
Shot @ 1:1, No Crop

[Upload in 29-3-2009]

Shot @ 1:3, iso:1000, shutter:1/30

Shot @ 1:1, iso:1000, shutter:1/30, … No Crop


Shot @ 1:4, iso:Lo 1, shutter:1/60

Shot @ 1:1, iso:Lo 1, shutter:1/60, … No Crop


[Upload in 27-3-2009]

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New Nikon 105mm Macro lens

March 26, 2009 Leave a comment

   I just get my new Nikon 105mm Macro lens, with VR (Vibration Reduction), i will post some sample photos in this artical.
first lets see the lens:
More photos can be fond in my Hawee-Ta3kees site.
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Tea Set – small scale

March 9, 2009 1 comment

One of my favorite subject to shot are the small scale antique/property, this photo of a small Tea Set.
I use a white A4 paper for the backgroung, for the bottom i use white A4 paper and normal plastic bag as a reflector.
To see more of Master Pieces Click Here
To see more of my Flickr [Hawee Ta3kees} هاوي تعكيس ] photos, Click Here.
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Camera Lenses

One of the importent things in SLR cameras, there are lots of type/kind of lenses; according to your need or what you will shot. Lenses are designed some the cameras, this mean Nikon lense will not fix on Canon camera body and so. Some of lenses are manual focus other are automatic, the new ones are both A/M you can chage the mode.

Any lens come with some numbers that are important to now.

Focal Length:
  – Measured in millimeters.
  – Shone as [10-24mm, 50mm, 60mm, 18-105mm, 70-200mm].
  – Lenses shorter than 35 mm are called "wide angle",and longer than, 150 mm are called "telephoto".  
So what these numbers mean? 
     The focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to the focal points of the lens (that is, the point at which the lens will focus parallel rays of light)


    – f-stop, or f#.
    – shone as[f1.4, f5.2, f3] 

     Aperture measures the size of the lens opening, it listed as an "f-stop", and you’ll see lenses described as "f/4.5", "f/1.4", f-stop will help you to give DOF (Deapth Of Field) to the picture, thats mean if you want the backgroud to be in the photo use larg f#, if you want the background to be blur use a small f#.

Type of lenses:
    – Zoom.
    – Micro.
    – Fisheye.    


Source: About Lenses, Wikipedia, D90 manual and other sites.

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