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Camera Lenses

One of the importent things in SLR cameras, there are lots of type/kind of lenses; according to your need or what you will shot. Lenses are designed some the cameras, this mean Nikon lense will not fix on Canon camera body and so. Some of lenses are manual focus other are automatic, the new ones are both A/M you can chage the mode.

Any lens come with some numbers that are important to now.

Focal Length:
  – Measured in millimeters.
  – Shone as [10-24mm, 50mm, 60mm, 18-105mm, 70-200mm].
  – Lenses shorter than 35 mm are called "wide angle",and longer than, 150 mm are called "telephoto".  
So what these numbers mean? 
     The focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to the focal points of the lens (that is, the point at which the lens will focus parallel rays of light)


    – f-stop, or f#.
    – shone as[f1.4, f5.2, f3] 

     Aperture measures the size of the lens opening, it listed as an "f-stop", and you’ll see lenses described as "f/4.5", "f/1.4", f-stop will help you to give DOF (Deapth Of Field) to the picture, thats mean if you want the backgroud to be in the photo use larg f#, if you want the background to be blur use a small f#.

Type of lenses:
    – Zoom.
    – Micro.
    – Fisheye.    


Source: About Lenses, Wikipedia, D90 manual and other sites.

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