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Photos from Qatar

March 14, 2018 Leave a comment

Photos from Qatar
Nikon S9900 testing

Testing the new Nikon S9900 camera, I am uploading the images from the camera to my mobile device using the WiFi in camera. Also GPS was on so I will check if it records the location. I take the photo camera in hand.

Photos from Qatar : Sunset

March 10, 2018 Leave a comment

Photos from Qatar, Sunset
A picture of the sunset in Qatar on the “Al-Corniche“, this is the Amiri Diwan of Qatar.

Photos from Qatar, West Bay

February 18, 2018 Leave a comment

Photos from Qatar, West Bay Towers
A picture of West Bay Towers in Qatar, photo taken from airplane window in 2012 using Sone T100.
I take this shot with Sony T100 camera on 15/9/2012, the plane just takeoff, camera in hand.

صور من قطر: الابراج
فندق الشيراتون وابراج الدفنه من خلال نافذه الطائره سبتمبر 2012 … متجهين الى لندن

Photos From Qatar: Towers

February 8, 2018 Leave a comment

Photos from Qatar: Towers
A picture of Barzan Tower it is a traditional old mix with new fashioned Towers located in the West Bay.

Using Nikon S9900 camera, camera in hand.

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Photos From Qatar : Al-Wakra

December 21, 2017 Leave a comment

Photos from Qatar, Al-Wakra
A picture of Al Wakra Market “Souq Waqif” it is a traditional old-fashioned market Built in the old style of country houses. It is located close to the sea coast in Al Wakrah area, south of Qatar.

Using Nikon S9900 camera, camera in hand

صور من قطر: الوكره
هذه صوره لسوق الوكره “سوق واقف” سوق مبني على الطراز القديم التراثي للمنازل القطريه القديمه والسكك، وهو يقع قريب من ساحل البحر في منطقه الوكره جنوب قطر.

My Camera Strap

March 15, 2013 2 comments

I just get my new Camera Strap, I design the shape using the Photoshop and a template file and order it online, it takes more than 2 months to made, here it is fixed on my Nikon D90. I use the Galaxy S3 to take this shot.
1. The best font colors are White and Yellow, Don’t use the RED.
2. Don’t use font size smaller than 14px.
3. User short words such as your Name or your Website.

camera strap_1 copy

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Hilton Vienna, Am Stadtpark 1.. Great Location

March 13, 2012 Leave a comment

This photo goes back Austria 1998 [My honeymoon trip], we stay in The Hilton Vienna great Location the Stadpark is just cross the street and the rail station is 20m a way.
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At that time i was using normal film camera just point and shoot! no control on any things! and i was happy with it. I start to think on converting my films Negative to digital format and so i start this project in November 2010.

Click for More Details on How to: Convert the Negative to JPG files.

Other photos of Austria 1998 trip.