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Photos from Qatar, Mosque Lights

February 2, 2018 Leave a comment

Photos from Qatar, Mosque Lights
A picture of Mosque Lights taken by Nikon S9900 from 200m away Mosque, camera in hand and i am taking the photo from behind a not-clear window glass.

Testing Nikon S9900 camera, camera in hand.

صور من قطر: منارة احدى المساجد في الدوحه، تم التقاط الصوره باستخدام كامير نيكون س9900 من خلف شباك المنزل .

The Mosque

April 14, 2014 Leave a comment

DSC_5351 copy

Another shot from the Old Village session, photo taken in Al-Wakra area I use the Nikkor 18-300mm lens for outdoor photography and Nikon D7100 camera, I use the photoShop to add some blue color to the sky.

::Camera Setting::
Camera: Nikon D7100
F-number: f/4.2
Exposure: 1/1000 sec.
ISO: 100
Lens: Nikkor 18-300m @ 30m

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The Mosque

April 2, 2014 2 comments

Photo of The Mosque in the Old village in Al-Wakra area Doha-qatar. In this session I use the Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 18-300mm lens I take some off 35 photos. Here is one.

Another angle..

DSC_5338 copy_sky

::Camera Setting::
Camera: Nikon D7100
F-number: f/
Exposure: sec.
Lens: Nikkor 18-300m @

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500D UAE Money Art

This is a shot of the 5000 UAE DIRHAMs [1$ = 3.67UAED], the both side of it contain an art,
First photo is for the H.H. Sheikh zayed mosque.

[Click to enlarge]

The other side is for an Arabian Falcon.