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M&M’s in Light-Box

In this article I am posting three images for a M&M’s mug to use a Kodakporta400 and ilford film simulation with Fujifilm X-T30ii camera in hand. Also I am posting the outer or say back-stage shot for my Light-Box with LED lighting the subject.

First lit’s see the colored shot using the kodakporta400 film Simulations.

Camera settings: ISO 2000, f 4.5, Focal-Point 34, Shutter speed 1/125s.

Here i use the ilford film Simulations. The setting was: ISO 6400 , f 14 , Focal-Point 34 , Shutter speed 1/125s.

This is the Light-Box studio I am using with an out-source LED lights.

In this shot I just change the light position.

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By: Ali Radwani

Two Simulations for Fujifilm X-T30ii

Using film Simulations with Fujifilm X-T30ii was important factor that drive me to choose it (Fujifilm X-T30ii) over the Nikon Z FC. Read the full article Here.

In this post I am using Two Film Simulations and posting the result side-by-side. I take the shots indoor with normal room lights and 6400 ISO. I am planning to use those recipes more for outdoor. Lit’s see the photos.

The Simulation here is Kodakporta400, camera in hand. I feel the colors are quite strong.

To see more film simulation Click here.

In this shot I use the ilford hp5, the camera in hand. I like the tone, I think I will use it more in coming days.

Fujifilm X-T30ii camera

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By: Ali Radwani

Radwani House Musemun post 8

Radwani House located in Mshareb district been selected to be saved as a Museum to reflect Qataris Family life in early 19’s. 

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A Tea-Pot and an old barley grain milling. A black and white Photo from Radwani House Musemun and life Style in 30’s -70’s for Some tools and devices that were used in that period.

Using Fujifilm X-T30ii and 18-55mm lens.

By: Ali Radwani.