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Two Simulations for Fujifilm X-T30ii

Using film Simulations with Fujifilm X-T30ii was important factor that drive me to choose it (Fujifilm X-T30ii) over the Nikon Z FC. Read the full article Here.

In this post I am using Two Film Simulations and posting the result side-by-side. I take the shots indoor with normal room lights and 6400 ISO. I am planning to use those recipes more for outdoor. Lit’s see the photos.

The Simulation here is Kodakporta400, camera in hand. I feel the colors are quite strong.

To see more film simulation Click here.

In this shot I use the ilford hp5, the camera in hand. I like the tone, I think I will use it more in coming days.

Fujifilm X-T30ii camera

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By: Ali Radwani