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Arduino: First App

December 2, 2021 2 comments

Learning : Arduino Projects, Arduino Coding, Electronic Circutes
Subject: First Application, Light the LED

e are working on Electronic Devices, Voltage, Resistors and other Electronic Parts that may Become HOT due to un-stable current or Wrong Wire Connections..

The Task: In our First Application on ARDUINO we will write a code to Light ON then OFF an LED or say Two Led’s each will go On and Off for several time to show a Blinking light.

What We Need: We will try to be simple on our first project, we will put the Led’s on a braedboard connected to ARDUINO Nano (Any other Arduino Chip can be use). So, we will use Arduino-Board, BreadBoard, Two resistors and tow Led light (I will use One Red, and One Green).

Set-up: We will connect the Red-Led on Pin A3, and the Green-Led on Pin D12, the ARDUINO-Board will take power from it’s USB cable connected to the Laptop.

Coding: The Application will make the Led’s to BLINK in some sequence.

 # CODE: Function to turn led On, wait for some delay-time and Turn it off. Two Led's (Red, Green) Blinking 

const int red_led = A3 ;  // set pin A3 for red-led.
const int green_led = D12 ;  // set pin D12 for green-led.

void setup()
pinMode(red_led, OUTPUT);
pinMode(green_led, OUTPUT);

void led_on_off (int led, int dt)  // Function to Turn led On Wait for delay = dt then turn it off. 
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
delay(dt) ;
digitalWrite(led, LOW);
delay(dt) ;

void loop ()
// in both for-loops, change the delay and/or numbers to have different lighting sequences.     
  for (int R = 0; R < 3; R ++) //loop for Red-Led
    led_on_off(red_led, 300);
    for (int G = 0; G < 2; G ++ )  //loop for Green-Led
           led_on_off(green_led,110) ;

  exit(0) ; // To stop the action after executing One-Time.

Image of set-up and Running ..

ARDUINO nano project code ali radwani
GIF of the Out-Put
ARDUINO nano project code ali radwani

I am not sure if i will continue in this way or say “New Learning Curve”, The Coding and Commanding an Electronic-Bord to Work as my Application says .. THIS PART WAS WHAT LIT THE FUSE IN MY BRAIN.


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To Download the ARDUINO Project [Code and Diagram] files Click-Here

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By: Ali Radwani