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Arduino Projects: The Story

Learning : Arduino, Arduino Coding, Electronic Circutes
Subject: The Story and Orders

e are working on Electronic Devices, Voltage, Resistors and other Electronic Parts that may Become HOT due to un-stable current or Wrong Wire Connections..

The Story: Last month i was searching the net for something, Someway, Some projects make my Kids love Math and Science Subjects, I went through several pages … then I fond classes teaching the young students how to build simple circuits, using Led’s and 9V Batteries.. I start reading more in this subject then I found the ARDUINO Chip, were the students can write a code to switch on/off some LED’s. This thing Triggered the Passion of learning and trying new things. So I spend two/three days reading about it, and decide to give it a try.

What I Need: This is my first time reading about Electrical Circuits, I have some ides, but I Don’t have any Equepments to start. So from there I start submitting orders to buy things that I will need, i got the list from tutorial youtube. Here is the list of my orders:

ali radwani ARDUINO Projects

I am not sure if i will continue in this way or say “New Learning Curve”, The Coding and Commanding an Electronic-Bord to Work as my Application says .. THIS PART WAS WHAT LIT THE FUSE IN MY BRAIN.

.. NEXT POST .. In Next post I will write about ARDUINO [simple information as far I know 🙂 ] How it Works, and Firs simple Project [without coding].


2 Code Editor, coding Blocks, learn Coding
1 Arduino, The Story, Components, Parts and What we will Do?

To Download the ARDUINO Project [Code and Diagram] files Click-Here

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