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December 29, 2010 5 comments

One of my greatest moments is when I set my camera to the MOON and try to still my hands and press the shutter, looking to the sky and stars are a wonderful thing. This MOON is on its 7th day-age, Date of capture: 2010:01:23 15:26:45
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I take this shot using Sigma 50-500mm lens + X2 teleconverter so I reached the 1000mm, and I did’t use a stand, it was difficult to get clear shot.

A Struggle for Bread Crumbs, The Bird Story

December 25, 2010 1 comment

Looking for the foods is one of main duty of all creatures from Human to smallest Bug, Birds are an example and not an exception.Here is The Bird Story and the Struggle for Bread Crumbs..

Small birds are struggle for bread crumbs, they were about 3 meters away, I used my Nikon 70-300mm to freeze the moment, all happens in my home garden.
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This Bulbul just arrived to join and enjoy the Bread Crumbs Party, So can he take-part in this meal? Or the Small Birds have another thing to say. …
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After three minutes of Attempt and Failure to get some of the Bread Crumbs, the Bulbul withdraw with True Disappointment.
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When it comes to size, the largest often wins, or gets the biggest share, This is what happened at the “Bread Crumbs Party”, the Pigeon got the biggest share.

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At the end, Life Goes On; And Tomorrow will be another day with another Bread Crumbs..


Preparing the Scene for a good capture.

December 20, 2010 Leave a comment

It is not that easy, yes you may use the Point and Shot cameras for daily quick capturing. If you want to have a good shot you may want to set-up the scene and arrange the objects in the positions that suit you.

Here is a studio set-up for a shot, I used the natural lights from the windows and the room light, Nikon D90 with Nikon 35mm lens with f/1.8 to get the DOF effect, subjects are Watermelon, Orange [made of candle]and The Chinese’s Porcelainin in different distance from each other.

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Here is another view with more details on the set-up and distances.
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A shot with focus on the rear object (Chinese’s Porcelain).
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And now I just moved the focus to the watermelon and take the camera closer.
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Still Life

December 17, 2010 2 comments

Small wood vase with fake woody flowers in my LightBox. Your perspective may give you good capture, change the light position, try different camera setting,, for sure you will take good shot.
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More information on How To Create a ‘LightBox’ Click here..

New Battery and Grip..

December 14, 2010 4 comments

Last week I had a problem with my New Battery for the Nikon D90 [Read the post]. I went to the Nikon Agent – Qatar, they claimed that there where no warranty on the batteries and the chargers; so they can’t change it or re-fund, I decide to get new one and I ask for the price it increased from 41$ to 45$.. Why??

anyway ..

I search the net [] and I fond a battery grip + remote + 2x batteries for 64$, it takes 10 days to be delivered [international transportation-Aramex] I just received it and here it is.

It’s not bad, nice shape and material, Made In China 🙂 , and the remote was missed!! so no remote..
The batteries are without brand, no name on it I hope it will work fine with me.

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Qatar 2022, A Dream That Become Reality

December 6, 2010 3 comments

Another Design for the ‘Qatar 2022, A Dream That Become Reality‘. [Click the image to enlarge]

In the second of December 2010 FIFA announce QATAR as the WINNER to host the world cup tournament 2022.


Designed By: Me.

Qatar 2022, A Dream That Become Reality..

December 2, 2010 5 comments

Qatar 2022, A Dream That Become Reality

In the second of December 2010 FIFA announce QATAR as the WINNER to host the world cup tournament 2022.


Designed By: Me.

The Tea set..

December 1, 2010 2 comments

This is a small scale of a Tea Set, sugar place and tea cup in a small plate. Photoshop used to add the effect and color tone.

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