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Python and Lindenmayer System – P3

Learning : Lindenmayer System P3
Subject: Drawing Fractal Tree using Python L-System

In the first two parts of the L-System posts (Read Here: P1, P2) we talk and draw some geometric shapes and patterns. Here in this part 3 we will cover only the Fractal Tree and looking for other functions that we may write to add leaves and flowers on the tree.

Assuming that we have the Pattern generating function and l-system drawing function from part one, I will write the rules and attributes to draw the tree and see what we may get.
So, first tree will have:

# L-System Rule to draw ‘Fractal Tree’
# Rule: F: F[+F]F[-F]F
# Angle: 25
# Start With: F
# Iteration : 4

and the output will be this:

If we need to add some flowers on the tree, then we need to do two things, first one is to write a function to draw a flower, then we need to add a variable to our rule that will generate a flower position in the pattern. First let’s write a flower function. We will assume that we may want just to draw a small circles on the tree, or we may want to draw a full open flower, a simple flower will consist of 4 Petals and a Stamen, so our flower drawing function will draw 4 circles to present the Petals and one middle circle as the Stamen. We will give the function a variable to determine if we want to draw a full flower or just a circle, also the size and color of the flowers.

Here is the code ..

font = 516E92
commint = #8C8C8C

Header here
# Functin to draw Flower
def d_flower () :

if random.randint (1,1) == 1 :

# if full_flower = ‘y’ the function will draw a full flower,

# if full_flower = ‘n’ the function will draw only a circle

full_flower = ‘y’


x1 = t.xcor()

y1 = t.ycor()

f_size = 2

offset = 3

deg = 90

if full_flower == ‘y’ :





for x in range (0,4) : # To draw a 4-Petals









t.goto(x1,y1 – offset * 2 + 2)

t.pendown() # To draw a white Stamen







else: # To draw a circle as close flower








Then we need to add some code to our rule and we will use variable ‘o’ to draw the flowers, also I will add a random number selecting to generate the flowers density. Here is the code for it ..

In the code the random function will pick a number between (1-5) if it is a 3 then the flower will be drawn. More density make it (1-2), less density (1-20)

And here is the output if we run the l-System using this rule: Rule: F: F[+F]F[-F]Fo

Using the concepts, here is some samples with another Fractal Tree and flowers.

Another Fractal Tree without any Flowers.

Fractal Tree with closed Pink Flowers.

Fractal Tree with closed Red Flowers.

Fractal Tree with open pink Flowers.

To Download my Python code (.py) files Click-Here

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