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Python Sorting Algorithm – Heap Sorting -P5

Learning : Python, Math, Algorithm
Subject: Sorting Algorithm, Heap Sort P5

[NOTE: To keep the code as simple as we can, We WILL NOT ADD any user input Varevecations. Assuming that our user will Enter the right inputs.]

In Last Parts (2, 3 and 4) we wort the Following Functions:

  • Sections Header.
  • Main Menu Function.
  • Entering/Creating the Array.
  • Print-Out or to Display the Array.
  • Check If Array in Max-Heap.
  • Convert Array to Max-Heap.
  • Add Node to Max-Heap.
  • Delete a Node from a Max-Heap.

In this last part-5 we will write the last main Function to aplay the Heap Sorting Algorithm.

Scope of Work: Deleting a Node from a Max-Heap Array is the main function in sorting an Array using Max-Heap Algorithm, the Deleting is always from the Root Node, So if we delete the most top Node [Root] (and store it in index[0] in a temp_array) then we move the Last Node to it’s position and by doing that we miss the Max-Heap state of the Array, so we convert the array to a Max-heap, then we Delete the Root again until we delete all the elements in the Array.. Here the Algorithm:

Assuming we have a Max-Heap Array:
1. Delete the Root Element, and Store it in index[0] in Temp_array.
2. Move the Last Element in the Array to index[0].
3. If the Array not in Max-Heap then Convert it to a Max-Heap.
4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 Until length of Array is 0.

In our list of Functions up, we have the three Functions we Need to complete/apply a Max-Heap Sorting:
We Delete a Node using def delete_node(arr,inside):
then in a while loop we call both
def check_if_max_heap (arr,inside): and
def convert_to_max_heap (arr,inside): so let’s see the code..

ali radwani ahradwani.com python project code heap sorting algorithm

We finish Max-Heap Sorting Algorithm, ..

..:: Have Fun with Coding ::.. 🙂

To Download my Python code (.py) files Click-Here

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By: Ali Radwani

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