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Python Project: Properties Maintenance System P1

Subject: Writing a Full Application for Properties Maintenance System
Learning : Python, Math, SQL, Logeic

[NOTE: To keep the code as simple as we can, We WILL NOT ADD any user input Varevecations. Assuming that our user will Enter the right inputs.]

In one of last week posts I mentioned that i am working on a New Project, and that we may start doning a “Properties Maintenance System” also I Draft-Down some points and brain-storming session [READ THE ARTICLE HERE]. In this Part -1 of the Properties Maintenance System

In this Post, we will see the Tables and the Fields, and will write the first Function to create the Data-Base and the tables, also Inserting the Zero-Records and the (some) Data in-to lookup tables. Also I will try to list-down all the Functions we may write in our Application. All the codes will be available in the Download Page.

Tables and Fields

  • Name: Job Status Table (job_s_t). Type: Lookup.
  • Name: Payment Method Table (pay_meth_t). Type: Lookup.
  • Name: Property Type Table (prop_type_t). Type: Lookup.
  • Name: Maintenance Job List Table (main_job_list_t). Type: Lookup.
  • Name: Properties Table (properties_t).
  • Name: Maintenance Request Table (maint_request_t)
  • Name: Receipt Table (receipt_t)

[Any other Table we may add more tables if we need latre]

Function: Here i am listing all the Functions we will create, this list will be the Main Menu.


  • Add New Property.
  • Edit a Property.
  • Delete a Property.
  • Show Properties.


  • Payment Method. [Add, Edit, Delete]
  • Job Status. [Add, Edit, Delete]
  • Property Type. [Add, Edit, Delete]
  • Maintenance List. [Add, Edit, Delete]
    … [ SETTING ] …

  • Create the Data-Base and the Tables.
  • Delete the Data-Base.
  • Export to Excel.

Function Exalmple: For each Function we have, this will be the template of the Function Name and the first three lines

 # Sample of: Add Job Status Function

def add_job_status():
    line2 = "Add Job Status"
    header(line2, 9,14)  # Calling the header Function. 

Table Creation and Zero-Records
I am always start writing the ideas in the Python Editor as comments, and coding in the same time, so by the time i collect all this article the Part-1 of the project was done with Tow or Three Functions that Creating the Tables and Inserting the data into lookup-Tables. Here I am posting some screen shots of the code..

Property Maintenance System python code project ali radwani Property Maintenance System python code project ali radwani
Property Maintenance System python code project ali radwani Property Maintenance System python code project ali radwani

In Part-2 In Part-1 [This Article] We create the Data-Base and Tables, also Insert some Data into the lookup-tables and we create the Main-Menu Function. In Part-2 we will start writing some Functions to manage the lookup tables.

:: PMS Parts ::

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

..:: Have Fun with Coding ::.. 🙂

To Download my Python code (.py) files Click-Here

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