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Python: Property Mainenance System

Project Name: Property Mainenance System
By: Ali Radwani
First-Draf: 5.10.2021 [Brin Storming]

I start writing the outline for a New Project about Renting System, one of the Functions in the system was Property Maintenance Service, then I notes that this Function can be a Stand-Alone System because of it’s Size and Requerment, so i decide to transfer the Property Maintenance Service into an Application.

Here are some Brain-Storming ideas [Not sorted, Not checked, Need to been Reviewed]

  • Submit Maintenance Request (by Tenant) : (For What?: [Bathroom, kitchen, WaterSystem[Colling, Heating], Windoews and Doors, Paints, TV & Aoudio,Insects and Bugs, Roof, Others (If other please write.. )]
  • Request Date,time
  • Property address.
  • Maintenance Suggested Date (by Tenant) [Need Maintenance team appoval]
  • Cost Evaluation. [Tenant Approval Requear]
  • IF Approved. Do Payment,[Cash, cheque, card] Set the Date and Time for the Maintenance.
  • Start the job after payment.()
  • After Maintenance Finsh Close the case.
  • Print Report if requered.
  • —> Tables:
    • Properties: ID, Address[Zone, Street, Building],Type[Villa, Appartment], Bedroom(numbers), Bathroom(numbers), Kitchen(numbers),Car_garage(numbers), Intercome, TV_Cable, Internet, contract_period
    • Maintenance_request: property ID, maintenance for, date_time status[pending, inprogress, complete],
    • Payments: Total Cost, Date, Payed_by, Payment Method[cash,cheuq], Property ID, receipt id.
    • completed: data, property ID, maintenance for, cost,
    • —> look-up tables:
      • job status: [pending, inprogress, complete, ]
      • payment methods: [Cash, Card, cheque,]
      • Maintenance List: [Bathroom, kitchen, WaterSystem[Colling, Heating], Windoews and Doors, Paints, TV & Aoudio, Insects and Bugs, Roof, Others (If other please write.. )]
  • Functions:
    • Main Menu.
    • Add, Edit, Delete [For each Section/Function in the tables/Application]
    • Show Data/Records.
    • Reports
    • submin_request.

… More to be added .. Needs:[Tables Name, ] .. Tables or functions may Merged or Deleted.

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