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Library System with Excel -P1

Learning :Excel formulas and VBA Cods
Subject: To Develop a Library System with Excel

Someone asked if we can do the Library Management system using Excel, so in the coming several posts we will try to develop an Excel File to store our Books. So I will stop the CRM Project and will work on Library System, we will use MS-EXCEL and VBA code to create a simple spreadsheet looking after our Books.

To start, do the following:
1. We will create an empty Excel file and call it “my Library System” and save it as “Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook.xlsm”
2. Create 7 Tabs(Sheets), name them as:
Menu, Books, Authors, Classifications, Data, Setting, Summary

In this post (Part-1), we will work on the Menu sheet, I will not concern about the themes and colors or fonts all this is back to each user to do formating as needed. So let’s begin with creating four buttons using the insert – shapes Rectangle: Rounded Corners.

We need to create four Rectangle: Rounded Corners, align them as you want and use any theme color, then give each a Captions as in the coming image..

Now, select the Books Button and with Right-Mouse-button select “Assign Macro” and from the new Assign Macro pop-up screen click on New.

This will launch the VBA Application with an open window to write our code, here is the code that if the user clicks on ‘SAY’: Books-Button the Books Sheet will be selected. In coming image, you will find the codes for all buttons we have in the Menu.

Also, we create a code to take us back to the Menu sheets and we call the button MENU, we will add this Button to all sheets we have.

    Recap this part:

  • 1. We Create an Excel file.
  • 2. We Create 7 Sheets and named them.
  • 3. We Create Buttons for the Menu Sheet.
  • 4. We Create the Home Button.
  • 5. We wrote the VBA code so we /the user can navigate thrugh the system.

:: Library System with Excel ::

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

To Download EXCEL (.xlsm) files Click-Here

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By: Ali Radwani

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