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Python: Library Managment System -P1

Learning : Python, DataBase, SQlite
Subject: Create Simple Library Managment System

Details: The project is to Plann, design and builed a simple Library Managment System LMS (For Books), the main Functions in the system are: (In this Version 1)

  • Add New Book.
  • Edit an exsit Book.
  • Delete a Book.
  • Search.

Planning: In this step we need to sit with the Business owner to identify the problem and plann the project. Since we will work as Fullstack (mean we will do every thing) and this is a training session project, we will be the Business owner of the project and will talk about the problem.

The Problem: In a very simple way, we have some Books and we want a System to store the books in a way that we can retrieve it’s basic information such as Title, Author, Subject and other information about it. Also we need to do some basic search to get statistics about our Library.

Data Gathering: First we need to define the Data we want to stoe, as we are talking about a simple Books Library System we can predict this very easily by looking to a book that we have and write-dowan the keys part of the book we want to store.
In this project we have three main Entities : Books, Authors, Borrowers. In this version (V.01) of the project we will NOT cover the borrowing functionality. So we will store the following data:

Books Entity: Book Name, Book Author, Date of publish, Edition Number, Book classification number.

Author Entity : Author name, Author Nationality, email, SMA (social media account).
From the Author information we can see that we need to define a new Entity to hold the SMA.
SMA Entity: SMA Name, SMA Link.

To Manage our System we will write Four main functions for each entity:
ADD, Edit, Delete and search.

Part 2: In Part-2 we will create the tables (The Entities), Insert the Zero-Row and create the Main Menu for each Entities.

:: Library Managment System ::

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

To Download my Python code (.py) files Click-Here

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By: Ali Radwani

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