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Python : Expenditure App

Expenditure Application

Add new Entry

Today we will work on the “Add New Entry” function, this is first function on our menu. (Read Expenditure App Menu here)

We will call the function def add_entry(): and will give the user the prompt to enter “Date” and “Amount” then we will write them to our json file.

Just to be as less codes as we can, I am not adding any validations here also not coding the try .. except. So I am assuming the entered data will be in correct way.

def add_entry():

my_date = input(‘Enter the date as dd/mm/yyyy: ‘)

my_amount = input(‘Enter the Amount: ‘)

new_data = {“date”: my_date, “amount”: int(my_amount)}

# Here we adding the new data to the file

ff = open(“expen_dat.json”, “a”)

ff.seek(0, 2) # goto the end of the file.

ff.truncate(ff.tell() – 3) # from end of the file erase last 3 char.





If you add the “User input choice” in your code this function will be on choice “1” as here.

if choice == ‘1’:


choice = the_menu()
if choice == ‘2’:

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Here is the code shot..

Here is the output screen..

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