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Python: Shares Speculation System – Part 3

Learning : Python, DataBase, SQL, SQlite3
Subject: Plan, Design and Build a Shares Speculation System

Project Card:
Project Name: Shares Speculation System
By: Ali
Date: 2.7.2020
Version: V01-2.7.2020

In this part we will start writing some codes for our System, we will start with Budget Managment.

Budget: In the Shares Speculation System, and before the user can submit any Buying Transactions the system will check If there is enough money in the Budget Repository, so first we have to Insert a Budget. Therefore, we will start from Budget Managment.
Budget Managment will have five sub-menu as follow:
1. Add New Budget.
2. Withdraw Budget.
3. Edit a Budget.
4. Delete a Budget.
5. Show all Budget.
9. Exit.

So we will start writing the functions for each one.. let’s start with the Budget Menu, we use the while True: loop to keep the Menu until uer_choice == 9 where we return the user to the previous Menu. Here is the code:

Now, lets go through each Function..

Add New Budget: This Function will ask the user to Enter three pieces of information, The Date, The Budget Amount and if the user want to add some Notes such as cheque number or the source of the mouney/fund. For the Date, we want to make sure that the user entry is in the format we want and it is a date, so i wrote a function called date_validation () we will talk about this function later. For the Note part after the user enter the notes we will do (upper-case) for each first character in the text using this code: bud_note = ” “.join([word.capitalize() for word in bud_note.split(” “)]) Here is the full code ..

 # Add New Budget to the system.

def add_budget (): 
    print('\n   ====== Add New Budget ======\n\n') 
    print('   Enter the Details of the Budget..\n')
    while True :
        bud_date = input ('   Enter the Date as [dd-mm-yyyy].  >  ') 
        msg = (date_validation (bud_date))
        if msg !='valid' :
    bud_amount = input ('   Enter the Budget Amount.  >  ')
    bud_note = input ('   Enter any Notes if you want. [Hint: Cheque No.] >  ') 
    bud_note = " ".join([word.capitalize() for word in bud_note.split(" ")])    
    c.execute ("INSERT INTO budget_t (bud_date ,bud_amount, bud_note)  VALUES(:bud_date ,:bud_amount, :bud_note)",{"bud_date":bud_date ,"bud_amount":float(bud_amount), "bud_note":bud_note}) 
    input('\n\n        ... Press any Key to Exit')   

For the Budget Date we want the date to be in certain format, so we wrote a function that will take the user_input and check it’s format then return a message back, the message will be ‘Valid’ if the date format is correct, otherwise the message will give a hint if format error as:
Date Not Valid “Bad Year” or Date Not Valid “Bad Month” or Date Not Valid “Bad Day”. Here is the code for the Date Validation Function ..

Next we will write a function so we can withdraw some amount of money from the Budget, Why?? If we assume we start our Shares Speculation with 100,000$ and after several Buying and Selling we gain say 50,000$ as Profits, and we want to use this cash the [50,000$] to buy something; therefore we need to subtract / withdraw from the system. Here is the code to do this and the system will add [ WITHDRAW ] to the Note field.

 # To withdraw form the Budget

def sub_budget (): 
    print('\n   ====== Withdraw from Budget ======\n\n')
    print('   Enter the Details of Withdraw Amount..\n')
    while True :
        bud_date = input ('   Enter the Date as [dd-mm-yyyy].  >  ') 
        msg = (date_validation (bud_date))
        if msg !='valid' :
    bud_amount = input ('   Enter the Withdraw Amount.  >  ') 
    if int(bud_amount) > 0 : 
        bud_amount = int(bud_amount) * (-1)
    bud_note = input ('   Enter any Notes if you want. [Hint: Cheque No.] >  ')
    bud_note = "[ WITHDRAW ], " + bud_note 
    bud_note = " ".join([word.capitalize() for word in bud_note.split(" ")])
    c.execute ("INSERT INTO budget_t (bud_date ,bud_amount, bud_note)  VALUES(:bud_date ,:bud_amount, :bud_note)",{"bud_date":bud_date ,"bud_amount":bud_amount, "bud_note": bud_note}) 
    input('\n\n        ... Press any Ket to Exit')   

Now, in both Edit and Delete function we need to show the Budgets we have so the user will select the one for processing. So we will write the code to show Budgets in the system and we will present it as a Table. Here is the code ..

 # To show the Budget Table
def show_budget (inside='No'): 
    if inside =='No' :
        print('\n   ====== Show Budgets ======\n\n') 
        print('   List of Budgets ..\n')
    c.execute ("select * from budget_t where bud_id >0") 
    budgets = c.fetchall() 
    print('      {:<10}{:<13}{:<16}{}'.format('ID','Date','Amount','Note'))
    print("    ","-"*70)
        for x in range(0,len(budgets)) : 
           print("      {:<8}{:<14}{:,}{:0") 
        budget_amount = c.fetchone() 
        print('\n\n    The Total Amount Budgets in the Account is : {:,} '.format(budget_amount[0]))
        input('\n   ... Press any key to Exit')   

So we have another two Functions [Edit, Delete] to go, the easyer one is Deleting Budget. In Delete function we will display a table with all Budgets we have in the system and the user will enter the ID of the Budget to be Deleted, we will ask the user to confirm the action then if CONFIRMED the Budget will be Delete. .. Here is the code ..

Last function in this part is to Edit a Budget that we have in the system, to do this we first will display all Budgets we have and the user will Enter the ID of the one to be Edited, we will go through it’s attributes asking the user to Edit or just Press enter to skip and keep the current value. For the Date we will call the date_validation() after user input, and for the Note we will check the Amount if it is Negative we will add “[ WITHDRAW ]” in the beginning of the Note line.

 # Edit Budget Function

def edit_budget (): 
    print('\n   ====== Edit Budget ======\n\n') 
    show_budget (inside='Yes')
        edit_budget = input ('\n\n    Select the Budget ID to Edit.  > ')
        c.execute ("select * from budget_t where bud_id ={}".format(int(edit_budget))) 
        e_budget = c.fetchone()
        if e_budget != None: 
            print('\n    You Select to Edit this Budget ..') 
            print('\n    ID Not Valid ... ')
        print('\n       ID: ',e_budget[0])
        print('     Date: ',e_budget[1])
        print('   Amount:  {:,}'.format(e_budget[2]))
        print('     Note: ',e_budget[3])
        print('\n\n   Edit Each Attribute OR Press Enter to Skip.. \n')
        while True :
            new_b_date = input('   Enter the New Date as [dd-mm-yyyy]. > ')
            if new_b_date >"" : 
                msg = (date_validation (new_b_date))
                if msg !='valid' :
                    c.execute("update budget_t set bud_date = '{}' where bud_id = {}".format(new_b_date,int(e_budget[0]))) 
            elif new_b_date =="" :break
        new_b_amount = input('   Enter the New Amount > ')
        if new_b_amount > "" : 
            if input ('\n   You want to change the Budget Amount From {:,}  To {:,}. CONFIRM [Y,N] > '.format(float(e_budget[2]),float(new_b_amount))) in ['Y','y'] :
                c.execute("update budget_t set bud_amount = '{}' where bud_id = {}".format(float(new_b_amount),int(e_budget[0]))) 
            print('   Budget Amount Not changed..\n')
        new_b_note = input('\n   Enter the New Note: > ')
        if new_b_note > "" :
            new_b_note = " ".join([word.capitalize() for word in new_b_note.split(" ")])
            if (e_budget[3])[0] =='[' and int(new_b_amount) < 0 :
                new_b_note = "[ WITHDRAW ], " + new_b_note     
            c.execute("update budget_t set bud_note = '{}' where bud_id = {}".format(new_b_note,int(e_budget[0])))          
        input('\n   ... DONE ...  Press any key to Exit')
        input('\n       ... Error in User Input.  ... Press any key to Exit ...')

Coming Up: In Next part we will write the menu and the functions for the Shares Managment.

1. Part-1 has no code file.

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