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Python: Shares Speculation System – Part 6

Learning : Python, DataBase, SQL, SQlite3
Subject: Plan, Design and Build a Shares Speculation System

Project Card:
Project Name: Shares Speculation System
By: Ali
Date: 2.7.2020
Version: V01-2.7.2020

In Part-5 we wrote the function to submit the Buying Transactions ..[Click to Read] also we wrote the section of showing/displaying the Buying records on the screen. In this part we will continu on same function to write the code to Save Selling Transaction and display them on the screen in Show all Transactions Function.

So First we will writing the code to Save/Submit Selling Transactions. Now let’s start coding ..
Before we start I want to focus on a one-line If statement that we will use to give the user the ability or the chance to Quit or Exit from the function in any time before saving the Transaction by just entering ‘Q’, here is the code: if s_s_id in [‘Q’,’q’] : return (s_s_id is the user input).

In def sell_share(): function we will display all the Shares Name (by calling show_share() function) on the screen and ask the user to select the ID for the share, then we will Run tow SQL statements to get some data about that share such as it Full Name and the amount of shares we have (from s_basket table), if the return value of the s_basket is None or we Don’t have any shares we can’t do any Sell process so we will Exit. Here is the code ..

ali radwani python project learning sql codeing

If we have shares, then we will print on the screen to show total amount of shares we have and will ask the user to Enter the new selling share information like the Date, The Amount of Selling and the Price, here is the code ..

ali radwani python project learning sql codeing

After that, we will ask the user to CONFIRM Saving by pressing ‘Y’, and will use the SQL Insert statement to submit the data to the Database, also to update the s_basket table…. Here is the code.

Now we finish the def sell_share(): function and will start to writing the corresponding part to show the Selling Transactions in def show_all_trans ():, in this section of the code as we did to show the Buying Transactions we will RUN an SQL statement to get all selling transaction in the table, we will use the formatting to output the data as a table format. Here is the code

Coming Up: In Next part we will Write the Function to Delete Transactions from the System, also will write a code to Show All Transactions Buying and Selling in one Table.

1. Part-1 has no code file.
2. We are applying some basic Validations on some part of the code, and assuming that the user will not enter a messy data.
3. This Application Purpose for Saving Transactions and NOT for Desetion Making and Dose’t Have any type of AI or ML Model to Predict the Prices and/or Giving Sugestions on Buying or Selling Shares.
:: Shares Speculation System ::

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To Download my Python code (.py) files Click-Here

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By: Ali Radwani

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