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Python: Shares Speculation System – Part 5

August 9, 2020 2 comments

Learning : Python, DataBase, SQL, SQlite3
Subject: Plan, Design and Build a Shares Speculation System

Project Card:
Project Name: Shares Speculation System
By: Ali
Date: 2.7.2020
Version: V01-2.7.2020

In this part we will talk or say will work on two functions, Buying Transactions and Show All Transactions, both are fill in Transactions Managment. But first we will do some changes in our main codes as following:
1. Add New Table to the DataBase named s_basket using this code:
“CREATE TABLE if not exists s_basket (sb_id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, sn_id integer, ts_amount float, min_p float, max_p float)”
also we will Insert the zero record as:
c.execute (“INSERT INTO s_basket (sb_id) VALUES(:sb_id)”,{“sb_id”:0})

2. Changing in Main Menu.

[Important Note]: This application Purpose for Saving Transactions and NOT for Desetion Making and dose’t have any type of AI or ML Model to Predict the Prices and/or Giving Sugestions on Buying or Selling Shares.

Transactions Managment: In our previous parts and codes we published, we used two options in the main menu (Buying Transaction, Selling Transaction) in this part we will change this to have one menu option called Transactions Managment this option will take the user to a sub-menu having some other options as shown:

The Main-Menu Code


Transaction Managment Menu


Buying Transactions: we will start writing the functions to Insert a Buying Transactions, in this function first we will display a list of Shares we have and the user will select the ID of the share needed, here is the code ..

Now we will use the ID to get the selected share Full-Name and it’s Abbreviation also the amount of shares we have with the lowest and highest price we bought this share before and will display all this information on the screen. Next step is to collect the buying record information to be saved, so we will ask the user to Enter the Date, Share Amount and the Price. With each Data-Entry line we will give the user the ability to terminate the process by Entering ‘Q’, for the date we will use date_validation function. Here is the code for this section..

After that we are ready to Insert the data into the Database, and update other records. Here is the code..

Now we have saved one Buying record, before we continu with Selling Transactions we will write the Show All Transactions this function will display all the records of Buying Transactions and Selling Transactions. Now we will write the section to display the Buying Transaction records. We will call the function def show_all_trans () and we will ask the user to select “What type of Transaction to Show:”
1. Buying Transaction.
2. Selling Transaction.
3. All Transactions.
then we will display the transactions in a table format. In this part we will write the code for the Buying Transaction. Here is the code ..

We Done in this Part ..

Coming Up: In Next part we will write the Function Save Selling Transactions to our system, also updating the Show

1. Part-1 has no code file.
2. We are applying some basic Validations on some part of the code, and assuming that the user will not enter a messy data.
3. This Application Purpose for Saving Transactions and NOT for Desetion Making and Dose’t Have any type of AI or ML Model to Predict the Prices and/or Giving Sugestions on Buying or Selling Shares.

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By: Ali Radwani