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LED Fade-Off from Prototype to Gadget

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Learning about : Circutes, Capasitor, Push-Button
Subject: LED Fade-off apply it on a PCB Board.

e are working on Electronic Devices, Voltage, Resistors and other Electronic Parts that may Become HOT due to un-stable current or Wrong Wire Connections..

In one of my previous Post [Read Here] I did some connection on a breadboard using BC547 and a Capacitor to make an LED Fade-off in 60sec after pushing a button. In this post we will convert that circuit a simpler circuit doing the same thing from a breadboard to a PCB to be as a Gadget.

What we Need: Here is a list of what we will use:

  • 1 LED (I will use a yellow one)
  • 1 PCB Board 5x7cm.
  • 1 1000uF 6.3v Capacitor.
  • 1 Resistor 300 ohm.
  • 1 2pin Push Button.
  • 1 CR2032 Lithium Cell 3V Battery.

Connection: All the connections will be on a 5x7cm PCB Board, I use a thin steel wire to create a strap to hold the Battery, and:

  • Connect the Negative (-) Battery to Pin1 of the Push Button.
  • Pin2 of the Push Button will be connected to the Negative (-) pin of the Capacitor.
  • Connect the 300ohm Resistor Between (+) Pin of the Capacitor and the (+) Pin of the LED.
  • The Negative(-) Pin of the LED will be connected to the Pin2 of the Push Button.

Here is all connections on a small breadboard.

arduino ali radwani doha qatar circuits

Here I copy the circuit on a small 5x7cm PCB.

arduino ali radwani doha qatar circuits

Back side Connections.

arduino ali radwani doha qatar circuits

Finslly, I cut the PCB to a smaller size and Label it.

Now once we Push the Button the LED Turns On and Start Fading-Out. [you may need to give 5-10sec to charge the Capacitor before seeing the Fading Effect]

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By: Ali Radwani