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Arduino Project: LED Fade-off in 60sec using BC547

Learning : Circutes
Subject: LED Fade-off in 60sec using BC547

e are working on Electronic Devices, Voltage, Resistors and other Electronic Parts that may Become HOT due to un-stable current or Wrong Wire Connections..

In most Projects here i am using ARDUINO, but in this Project we will use a Transistor BC547 to make an LED Fade-off.

What we Need In this Project we will use the Following:

  • 1 LED.
  • 1 BC547 Transistor.
  • BreadBoard
  • 2 300 ohm Resistors.
  • 1 Capacitor.
  • 1 2pin push button.
  • Some Jumper wires.
  • 3V Battery.


The BC547 has three legs,

So, Starting From BC547 Base will be connected to Resistor 1, and Resistor 2 [in Parallel], Resistor1 will connect to the Capacitor Anode(+), Capacitor Anode(+) also will be connected to the BC547 Emitter.

Capacitor Cathode(-) will be connected to pin1 Push-Button, also Capacitor Cathode(-) is connected to the Resistor 2.

Resistor 2 will be connected to the Battery (-)

BC547 Collector will be connected to LED Cathode(-), LED Anode(+) will be connected to the Battery(+). And the Push-Button Pin2 will be connected to Battery(+).

Here is the diagram:

arduino project BC547 ali radwani ahradwani.com

Push the Button Now if we Push the Button, the LED will Go NO, and start Fading-out (OFF), I start a stop-watch it count almost 60Sec. Here is a speed-up RUN video.

Speed-up Video

arduino projects BC547 ali radwani

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By: Ali Radwani

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