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Excel, VBA Codes and Formulas-3

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Learn To : In Excel – SUMIF and SUMIFS [ Part-2 SUMIFs ]

In SUMIFS we are talking about more than one conditions to apply on the same range or other range before we calculate the SUM of the target range.

Case Assumption: As in Part-1, Assume we have a table, with 5 columns (as in image-1) columns titles are [Date, Item, Quantity, Price and Total] containing our Expendituer and we have another table call it Summaries, we want some totals to be in this table. We can see the main table [Expendituer] and the Summary table as in part-1 but here we will add a year column to the Item-Quantity box, so we want to have the Quantity of an Item in given year. Image-2.



So if we write 2018 in Cell I27 we Must get the Quantity of School Bags we bought in 2018. To do this we will write this formula:


=SUMIFS(E22:E30, D22:D30,J28,C22:C30,”*”&I28)

So in Cell K28 we will write =SUMIFS(E22:E30, D22:D30,J28,C22:C30,”*”&I28)

then we can copy the formula to other cells.

Now we have the formula in all the cells we want, we may need to do a little changes to cells number or columns that may been changed during the copy. And here is a screen shot of what we must have.

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By: Ali Radwani