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Python: Cooking App P-7

Learning : Python, Data-Base, SQlite
Subject: Writing a Cooking Application

RECIPES MENU: Delete Recipe To Delete a recipe we need to point on it, we will do this by it’s ID. So we can show all recipes by names, then we select the one we want to delete and enter it’s ID, the system will ask to confirm this action by typing (y,Y) then it we will call the delete function. In Delete function “def del_recipe()” we need to delete all the data regarding this ID form three DB Tables, recipes, recipes_steps, rec_ingredient and photo. Although we did not use the photo table and and we just create it for future use, but er will write its code.

Future Plan: In coming weeks we will convert this application “Cooking Application” to GUI “Graphical User Interface” application using tkinter library (Tkinter: is a Python binding to the Tk GUI toolkit) .

Coding: So to Delete a recipe we will show all Recipes and there ID’s sorted by it’s Name and ask the user to enter the ID of the Recipe he/she want to delete.

 # Code to Delete a Recipe

def del_recipe():
    print('\n ====== Delete a Recipe =====')

    # Start to list down all the Recipes Name.
    print("\n\n  List of ALL Recipes we have.")
    c.execute("select r_id,r_name from recipes where r_id > 0")
    for each_r_name in c.fetchall():
        print('   ID:',each_r_name[0], 'Name:',each_r_name[1])

    # Now we ask the user to Enter the Recipe ID. 
    rec_del = input('\n\n   Enter an Recipe ID to be Deleted: ')
    # Now we ask the user to Confirm Deleting Recipe.
    sure_remove = input('\n The Recipe will be DELETE and can''t be Rolled-Back.
Are you sure you want to Remove it [Y,N] ') if sure_remove in ['y','Y']: c.execute ("Delete from recipes_steps where r_id = {}".format(rec_del)) db_conn.commit() c.execute ("Delete from recipes where r_id = {}".format(rec_del)) db_conn.commit() c.execute ("Delete from rec_ingredient where r_id = {}".format(rec_del)) db_conn.commit() c.execute ("Delete from photo where r_id = {}".format(rec_del)) db_conn.commit() elif sure_remove in ['n','N']: # If the user decide not to delete and select N print('\n You select NOT to remove the Recipe.') else :# If the user enter anything else than Y or N print('\n You must select (Y or N).') input('\n .. One Recipe Removed .. Press any key .. ')

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By: Ali Radwani