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Arduino: AND-Gate Circuit

Learning : Electronic AND-Gate Circuit
Subject: To Build an AND-Gate Circuit using BC547 Transistor

e are working on Electronic Devices, Voltage, Resistors and other Electronic Parts that may Become HOT due to un-stable current or Wrong Wire Connections..

In this Project we will use the BC547 Transistor to build an AND-Gate Circuit on a breadboard, so we will Not use the ADRUINO board.

What we Need

  • 2 2Pin Push-Button.
  • 1 LED
  • 3 Resistors.
  • 2 BC547 Transistor.
  • 1 BreadBoard. [I am using a small 5x7cm]
  • Some Jumper Wires.
  • 3V Battery


  • Connect Both BC547 to the BreadBoard.
  • Connect Emitter of the First (left) One to the Collector of the second One (Right one). [Use Jumper Wire]
  • Connect TWO Push-Buttons to the BreadBoard.
  • Connect between each BasePin of the BC547 and Pin1 of each Push-Button using a Resistor1&2 [Pin1 of PushButton1 to Pin1 of Resistor1, Pin2 on the Resistor1 to BasePin of BC547.]
  • Connect Pin2 of Push-Button1 to the Pin2 of the Push-Button2.
  • Connect the Push-Button2 Pin2 to a Resistor3 Pin1
  • Connect the Resistor3 Pin2 to the LED(+)Pin.
  • Connect the LED(-)Pin to the First BC547 CollectorPin
  • Connect the Battery (+) to the Resistor3 pin2, and Connect the Battery (-) to the Emitter Pin of Second BC547.
arduino project electronic circuit BC547 ali radw doha ahradwani.con arduino project electronic circuit BC547 ali radw doha ahradwani.con

The Logic of the AND-Gate is if the BOTH Button are Pressed in same time the circuit will close and the LED turn On.

Here is a GIF clip of Running Time.
arduino project electronic circuit BC547 ali radw doha ahradwani.con

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By: Ali Radwani

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