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30 day of ML with Kaggle

Last week during some search on YouTube, I fond a Two Minutes video talking about a new course on Kaggle that will start on 2nd of August, the Course is about Machine Learning ML with Python in a 30 Day’s. I was not sure if it is Free or Not, later on I fond that it is FREE, so I register to it.

And as a part of the program, we will complete three courses: PythonIntro to Machine Learning, and Intermediate Machine Learning.

My time is very tight, and I don’t know if I can continue to complete the required stages/assignments on time for each stage of the program.. Sure I will Try my best.

Now, I am writing this post in 3rd of August 2021, 6:00pm (GMT+3) .. First want to say they did not start on time, delay 1 day! so today was Day 1 , we start with introduction on Kaggle, the participate in first competition and submitting our solution.

I will try to summarize and drop a post every two-three days .. or so ..

:: Have Fun .. Code with Python ..::


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