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Python: SQlite Project – P3

Learning : Python and Sqlite3
Subject: Sqlite3, Database functions ” Employee App” P3

In this post we will cover the SEARCH AND EDIT Functions, so let’s start with Edit.

To Edit or change something or a record in the database we need to target that line of record; and to do this we will select the record by it’s Primary-Key. In our employee table the primary-key is emp_id. Our scope is to list-down all the data to the user and he will enter the ID of the employee, then we will ask about each field if he want to change it, and we will assume that if he just press enter then NO CHANGE will be done to that field. So let’s see the Function in run also the code ..

Once we select opt.4 in Main-Menu we will see
a list of all records and the prompt

Then the system will show the record after the change..

And here is the code ..

Now we will write a basic SEARCH function, usually searching (in a simple apps) will be for one of the fields in the DataBase, in our case we have employee First Name, Employee Last Name and the Salary. In the Search section we will ask the user to select a searching key (fname, lname or Salary) then to enter the value to be search for and running our SQL-Query based on that. Let’s see.

First here is the run screen, Once we select Search from Main-Menu we will jump into Search Page, with short list to select from, in this sample I select the 1. First Name (search key), then the prompt will wait for the user to Enter the Name and retrieve the record ..

Here I select to search with Last Name, and i got two records ..

For the Salary we will have two options, even to fetch all the records with same salary amount the user will enter, or the user can enter a range for the salary (From and To). Let’s see the run-screen for it.

We can see that 4 records has the salary between (500 and 1500) also we sort the records by salary.

Last thing here is a screen-shot of the code ..

By this paragraph we reach the end of this simple application, we work full-stack, we design the database, Table and create it, also we design the application Menus and Functions. If we run the application we may find some small issues that need to be enhanced or changed, but in general the Main Goal was to write a simple application working with DataBase and using SQlite.

To Download my Python code (.py) files Click-Here

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By: Ali Radwani

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