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Python: SQlite Project – P2

Learning : Python and Sqlite3
Subject: Sqlite3, Database functions ” Employee App” P2

In Part1 of this project (Click to Read) we create the database and set the connection, also we create an Employee table with very basic fields and also we wrote a dummy_data() function to Insert some records into the table. And to make the application usable we wrote the Main-Men function and we test it with selecting to display the records that we have.

Today we will write other functions from our Menu. INSERT NEW EMPLOYEE: To Insert new employee we will ask the user to input or to fill the fields we have in our table such as First Name, Last Name and the Salary. .Let’s see the code ..

 # Insert Function

def insert_emp ():
    print("\n\n ======== INSERT NEW RECORD ========")
    if input("\n Do you want to enter new employee data press. (y,n) ") in ["Y","y"] :
        f_name = input("    Enter the first name: ")
        l_name = input("    Enter the last name: ")
        p_pay = input("    Enter the salary: ")

        c.execute ("INSERT INTO emp (fname,lname,pay) VALUES(:fname,:lname, :pay)",{"fname":f_name,"lname":l_name, "pay":p_pay})
        print(input ("\n  One record has been Inserted. .. Press any key .. ."))
    else :
        print(input ("\n  Ok .. you don't want to enter any data. .. Press any key .. .")) 

So, if we select to Insert a new Employee and we Enter First name as : Jacob Last Name as: Noha also we we set the salary to 3200 and press Enter, as in this page ..

Then if we select to show all data we have in the database, we can see the new record added..

DELETE AN EMPLOYEE: To Delete or remove an employee from the database, First we will print-out all the records on the screen and ask the user to enter the ID_ number of the employee he want to delete. As shown here ..

In the above example we select ID number 3 to be deleted and press enter, the system will show the record and ask to confirm the deletion and wait for ‘Y’ to be pressed, then the record will be deleted.
..Here is the code..

In this post we cover the INSERT AND DELETE of the records from the database, in the next post we will cover the SEARCH AND EDIT Functions also some search conditions like salary range and group-by command.

To Download my Python code (.py) files Click-Here

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By: Ali Radwani

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