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Ink in Water

May 11, 2010 11 comments

Ink ‘N’ Water
   One of the funniness project, dropping inks in a water and shooting the action, you will never know what you will get.

 The Equipments
  o Water + Water container or Glass. 
  o  Food color or normal ink.
  o Use Camera Flash or light source.
  o Camera on Stand.
  o Manual Focus.
  o High Speed shutter.

here is the studio set-up that i use

List of things in this Studio:

[o] Bowl of water. [semi-transparent bowl]
[o] Needle for dripping the ink.
[o] Food ink, or any normal ink.
[o] I used a Tripod and Monopod [as shown] to get the camera Top to bottom.
[o] Nikon SB900 as speed-light.
[o] Camera Nikon D90 + 35mm lens.


some original shots without any photoshop edits: [No crop, No colors.. Just resize to W800]


Sample shots after Photoshop edits



From more photos and sample shots, visit my Flickr ,, Hawee – Ta3kees





🙂 Feel free to visit my Flickr: Hawee Ta3kees