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Fujifilm X-T30ii Shot # 8

Subject: The BIG Five in Fujifilm X-T30ii.

In 2016 I bought Nikon Coolpix S9900, I have Nikon D90, and Nikon 7100 both are DX (crop sensor), but S9900 is my first Coolpix (point & shoot) camera from Nikon, I use to have Sony T100. Away from Nikon, I got my first FujiFilm X-T30ii camera. [:. Read more about my cameras and lenses Here .:]

This Shot: This Five logos of famouses car Brands are hangs on a wall 120 meter away. I take the photo from my car across the street using FujiFilm X-T30ii and XF 18-55mm lens.

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Camera in Hand, F:8, ISO:80, Shutter:1/400s, Focal-Point: 55mm
Lens: XF 18-55mm F2.8-4.0 OIS lens

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By: Ali Radwani