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Why X-T30ii NOT Z FC

Subject: Why X-T30ii NOT Z FC

Background: Starting from 2001 with Nikon 995 through Nikon D90 on 2009 and all my DX lenses then Nikon D7100 (The perfect choice) on 2013 and more investing on lenses. In 2021 I start looking to the New Nikon camera the Z FC, the size the style the Zee!

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Starting: I start searching, reading and doing some reviews on YouTube. Should I take it? The thing that attracted me the most was the Size and Look/ Style. I was thinking on the Nikon Z FC that has a Small Sexy camera with ONE lens (low f range) for indoor family occasions. Through my searching I fond Fujifilm X-T30ii and some comparisons to the Z fc, I got confused about it, X-T30ii it had the Size I am looking for, the style I am looking for and the ONE lens range I was thinking off.

Comparing: This was easy task with all videos and reviews on the Net about both Nikon Z FC and Fujifilm X-T30ii. The main point that equalize both sides from the beginning was that if I choose Z FC I can’t use my DX lenses (I own the amazing Nikkor 35mm f2.4). This factor let me looking more to the X-T30ii and it’s output photos. Imedetly I notes some shiny photos from X-T30ii, why it’s photos looks different? Then I came to the the Film Simulations, OK .. , I was doing all this tuning to some of my D7100 kids/family photos in the lightroom application (some basic easy editing) … ahhha .. I can do it with Fujifilm X-T30ii and store it in the camera, then select the effect I want before taking the shoot. !!! This is totally NEW for my knowledge! At that point I stop comparing and I start digging into Fujifilm Film Simulations and recipes and sample photos .. waaw .. “This Should be my Next Camera”.. I said to myself. .. And That what Happened.

First Impression: Yes, this is what I was looking for. Fujifilm X-T30ii with ONE Fujinon 18-55mm Lens. Small, Compact and Sxy-Style camera for Famliy Oocations.. and More.

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