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Nikon S9900 Shot – 28

Subject: The Temple Face in Nikon S9900

In 2016 I bought Nikon Coolpix S9900, I have Nikon D90, and Nikon 7100 both are DX (crop sensor), but S9900 is my first Coolpix (point & shoot) camera from Nikon, I use to have Sony T100. [:. Read more about my cameras and lenses Here .:]

This Shot: I take this shot in the Kids Playing section in Villaggio Mall – in Qatar- I use BW in camera and reduce the camera aperture to make it darker, it look like a photo from a museum. I am using Nikon S9900.

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ali radwani photo photography Nikon coolpix camera s9900 lens

Camera in Hand, F:4.2, ISO:400, Shutter:1/30s, Focal-Point:8mm

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By: Ali Radwani