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Sketch: The Shark

The Shark To keep improve my drawing skills i keep my self busy with sketching every day .. OK .. trying to stick to this challenge #asketchaday, also i keep searching the web and learning from other people. Days ago i fond an instagram account for an amazing artist with reall talent and has a beautiful style in coloring, i go though here paints and the Shark just catch my eye’s, I send her a message asking if she allow me to just try to re-drawing her work.. and she say ” YES .. “ so here she is on the Net

On Instagram .. Click Here
On Twitter .. Click Here

and this is her website: https://sophielongart.co.uk/

Back to the Shark I start with pencil, adding some marks and points, then with a 005 very fine black pen draw or say sketched the Shark .. I try to do some coloring .. so here is my draw .. and again Thanks to Sophielongart for her kind.

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Here is my sketch.. [ Click to Enlarg]
Ali radwani drawing sketch shark watercolor sketches sketchbook

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