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Python: Sorting Algorithm. 7- Radix Sorting

Learning : Python Coding, Math, Algorithm
Subject: Python Code to Applying Radix Sorting Algorithm

[NOTE: To keep the code as simple as we can, We WILL NOT ADD any user input Varevecations. Assuming that our user will Enter the right inputs.]

Sorting Algorithm is a way to sort a given list/Array of numbers, there are several sorting Algorithm as follow:
Type of Sorting Algorithm
1. Quick Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]
2. Bubble Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]
3. Merge Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]
4. Insertion Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]
5. Selection Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]
6. Heap Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]
7. Radix Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]
8. Bucket Sort. [Click to Read the Post.]

Here in this post we will write a function to take a given list/Array and sort it then pass it back. We assume the user will enter a serial of numbers, that he want to sort, our function will sort it using Radix Sorting Algorithm and print out the original Array and the sorted one.

Radix Sort Algorithm: In Radix Sort, we will apply coming Steps:

1. Get the Maximum Number of Digits in the Array. [length of Maximum Number]

2. Add Zeros [0] to the Left of Each Number so All Numbers in the Array will be Same Lenght.

3. Sort the Array Based on The Most Right Digit [digit index] =[-i]. This was Iteration 1.

4. Repeat Step 3, and for each Iteration We Sort based on [digit index] = [-iteration].

5. If [digit index] = 0, Thats mean we did sort until Most left Digit in the Numbers. Then we Stop the Loop.

6. Return the Array.

Coding: In our Radix Sorting Application we will have several Functions to help us completing our task. First let’s see the functions:
Main-menu: To Show the Main Menu of the Application.
header: Just a Decoration Function to Print the Header of the Application.
digits_equalizer: To Add Zeros to the Left of Each Number in the Array.
create_list: Let the User to Enter the Array.
radix_sort: Applying Radix Sorting Algorithm in a Fast-Run
radix_sort_details: Applying Radix Sorting Algorithm Step-by-Step.

Just to be a short artical, i will not go thought Functions like the def main_menu() , def create_list() and def header().

So, let’s start with digits_equalizer() Function, in Radix Sorting we start comparing all numbers based on it’s digites and sorting cording that, but if a number has three digits and another one has two, then we may face an error [index out of range], so first we will convert the array to a string and will add zero.. Here is the code..

ali radwani python project code radix sorting algorithm

This Function will return two arguments, the Array after adding zeros and the maximum digits.

Now, we will write the function of Radix Sorting (Fast-Run) the details function will be a copy with some print-statement.
So here is the code..

 # Radix Sort Fast-Run Function

def radix_sort() :
    arr = create_list()
    temp_arr = [] 
    # Convert to srting and Add Zeros to left side of each number in the array.
    arr,max_d = digits_equalizer(arr)    
    # Loop for all digits of numbers.
    for d in range (1,max_d+1):
        # Loop for sort numbers 0 to 9.
        for sn in range (0,10):
            # Check each right digits of each number. 
            for each in arr:
                if each[-d] == str(sn):
        arr = temp_arr
        temp_arr = []        

End of this Post..

All Code as .py file format is available in Download Page.

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