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Python: My Orders Tracker P-3

March 10, 2021 1 comment

Learning : Pythn, sqlite, Database, SQL
Subject: Create a system to track the orders

In this part we will write the code to Delete an Order that we have from our system, also we will add some validations on the user input, like if the user enter something not from the menu, or to do so, first we will re-call the show_orders() function that we have and passing the ‘yes’ parameter which means we are calling the function from inside another function [we will not print the function header, and will not clear the screen]. Then we will ask the user to select/Enter the ID of the order to be Deleted, after that we will print tha order details again on the screen and ask the user to confirm Deleting command by entering ‘Y’ … thats it.. let’s write the code..

# Delete Order

def del_order():
print("\n==========[ Delete Orders ]==========\n")


del_order = input(' Select the Order ID to be Deleted. [E to Exit] > ')

if not del_order.isnumeric() :
input('\n You need to enter an Orders ID [Numeric]. .. Press any Key .. ')

elif del_order in ['e','E'] :

c.execute ("select * from orders where o_id ={}".format(del_order))
order_list = c.fetchone()

if order_list == [] :
input('\n ID {} not exsist.'.format(del_order))

print("\n==========[ Delete Orders ]==========\n")
print('\n Details of the Order you select:\n ')

print(" ID: ",order_list[0])
print(" Date: ",order_list[1])
print(" Order Number: ",order_list[2])
print(" Price: ",order_list[4])
print(" Quantity: ",order_list[5])
print(" Shipment Price: ",order_list[6])
print(" Total Cost: {:.2f}".format((order_list[4]*order_list[5]) + order_list[6]))
print("\n Description:",order_list[3])
print(" Image:",order_list[8])
print(" Link:",order_list[7])

user_confirm = input("\n\n You Select to DELETE the above Order, Enter Y to confirm, E to Exit. > ")
if user_confirm in ['y','Y'] :
#To Delete the order..
c.execute ("delete from orders where o_id ={}".format(int(del_order)))

input('\n One record has been DELETED ... \n ... Press any key to Continue ...')

elif user_confirm in ['n','N']:
input("\n You select not to DELETE any thing. Press any key to Continue .. ")

elif user_confirm in ['e','E']:
input("\n You select stop the process and EXIT. ... Press any key to Continue .. ")

input('\n Wrong input ... Press any key to continue ..')

The user select #3 from the menu to Delete an Order
ali radwani python project learning sql codeing
The screen display the list of orders we have in the system, and the user select Order ID Number 3 to delete it.
The screen display the details of the order ID 3 and ask the user to confirm the deleting by entering ‘Y’

In Next Post: In the coming post P4 , we will write the codes to Edit an order information.

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By: Ali Radwani