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Python : Expenditure App

November 26, 2018 2 comments

Expenditure Application

leveling the Ground:

In this post we will assume that we have a folder for our application, and we will create two files one is for our python code and we will name it “”, the other is for our data and we will name it “expen_dat.json” this file extension is ‘json’. Also I assume that we have json pack is installed in the PC so if you don’t have json this is the time to install it.

json file:After you create expen_dat.json file just open it with any text editor and copy a test data of our expenditure as shown.


In next post we will start with coding and testing our Expenditure Application.

I will use the @pycharm to write the code and test it, but any other code editors can be used. Also, I assume we have Python and json installed in your PC.