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The Bonsai experiment -3

January 19, 2018 1 comment

Back to my “Bonsai experiment” Follow-up post #3.

Today is 3 weeks from starting this project …

After 8 days of putting the Pots in the Plastic Bags I notes that some seeds in bag 2 (Mountain Pine -Pinus Mugo Pumilio) start to germinate with a small green head showing it self. I am very exciting .. and don’t know what to do now 🙂 … and also What to do with other (non germinated) Pots.

So after 3 weeks … I have 2 pots with germinated seeds . . .. WHAT TO DO ???!!!!!

OK .. I am THINKING … OK ..

1. Those who start germinate:
I will take it off the Plastic Bags and keep eye on it with some drop watering twice a week.
2. Other pots: I will put them in refrigerator for 4-6 weeks.

… Anyone has a better idea ??

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