The First Issue

This is the First Issue of Qatari Stamps of the New Emir (Ruler H.H. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani), the set consist of 9 grouped stamps (Denomination: 30QR, 20QR, 10QR, 5QR, 4QR, 3QR, 2QR, 1QR and 50DIRHAMS) the set issued in the occasion of the National Day 18-Des-2013. Click Here to see all the set

المجموعه الاولى لطوابع بريديه تحمل صور الشيخ تميم بن حمد آل ثاني وقد تم اصدارها بمناسبة اليوم الوطني “قلوبنا موارد عزنا” وهي تتالف من 9 فئات

اضغط هنا للمزيد

This is the set.
DSC_4795 copy

This is the Studio, I use the Neewer TT520 flash connected to the camera via TTL cable, Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 18-300mm, the circle in the image represent the camera position. all the photos been resized and croped in photoshop.

DSC_4786 copy

::Camera Setting::
Camera: Nikon D7100
F-number: f/8
Exposure: 1/400sec.
Lens: Nikon 18-300m @ 195m

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