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The Sound Trigger system..

November 3, 2010 9 comments

Sound Trigger System

Usually you need to press a button (Shutter release) to take a photo, but there are other ways to take photos such as timeing mode and the way we will talk about “Sound Trigger System” so What is it?

Sound Trigger System: In a simple words, some thing let you camera fire or releass it’s shutter when it detict any sounds.

In this artical i will show you how i create my Sound Trigger system.

[0] Shutter Release Cord. ($8 from
[0] Any sound detection toy. ($3.5 from local toy’s shop)
[0] Some electrical tools..
    1. Soldering Flux.
    2. Soldering iron.
    3. Rosin Core Solder.
    4. Plastic terminal blocks. (Wire Connectors)
[0] Some knowledge in electricity. (Basic information)

The Shutter Release Cord.

A bird toy that start singing when it detect a sound.

Electrical tools

Start with:
[0] Unscrews the toy and find it’s parts and the functionalty of each.
    1. The sound detector.
    2. The speaker.

[0] Unscrews the Shutter Release Cord and find it’s parts and the functionalty of each.
i could’t open mine so i break it.

[0] Here i just did some electical Weld job.
The problem was that you need to press the shutter release on the remote half way down to set focus, then press all-way down to release the shutter, so i just turnover the the focus function.

[0] Packing-up the remote.

[0] The final shape, i add the On/Off switch (1) for more control.

The resault:
Here are some resaults and the studio set-up.
The Studio set-up

Sample images

For more photos, please visit my Flickr: Hawee-Ta3kees


🙂 Feel free to visit my Flickr: Hawee Ta3kees