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Running Pheasant…

I tried to take a photo of a pheasant but every time they run a way, this time I was ready to move my camera with it speed and I get a beautiful shot where the background looks moving and the Pheasant it self is still.

[Click to Enlarge]

.::.Camera Setting.::.
Model = NIKON D90
Exposure Time = 1/50″
F Number = F5.6
Exposure Program = Manual
Flash = Off
Focal Length = 300mm [Nikon 18-300mm]

صورة طائر الفزن وهو يجري وقد كنت احرك يدي في اثناء التصوير بنفس سرعه الطائر لكي احصل على هذه الصوره باستخدام عدسة نيكون 18-300مم

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