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  • Macro on Berries
  •       A Berries photography session using Nikkor Macro 105m lens. …. Read More.

  • Venus Transit 2012
  •       This is the last Venus Transit against the sun in your life, the next Transit will be around the year 2117.

  • The Sun-Spots..
  •       Different photos of the sun documenting the Sun-Spots … .

  • Water Drops from the Bottle..
  •       Learn how to shot the water comes out from the bottle… .

  • Sun Eclipse Lens Cover – Create One..
  •       You can’t take a picture of the sun? DON’T try it before you create a lens cover to protect the camera.

  • Sound Trigger System
  •       You may buy lots of things, we all can do so.. But I prefer to create some stuff.. Here is How to create a ‘Sound Trigger System’.

  • Ink ‘N’ Water
  •       One of the funniness project, dropping inks in a water and shooting the action, you will never know what you will get. See the studio and some sample shots.

  • Strobist Techniques P1 | P2
  •       The light is the key element in the photography, In this articles (P1, P2) i will loade some photos and the studio set-up for each to see the lights position and how this will effect the final result.

  • Water Drpos
  •       I used Nikon D90, Nikon 105mm macro lens, Nikon SB-900 Speedlight, and comeup with +700 shots. Read more about the studio and requirements.

  • Smoke photography
  •       How to Shooting Smoke: You need a background(black/dark),Smoke stick (the one for mosque or cigarette), Flash or light source … read more.

  • Shot the Fruit
  •       Fruit photography is one of my best sessions, lights, good lens and the composition are the key for a good photos.

  • Light Box ‘N’ Action
  •       Light Box is a place where you can put your subject and shot it, click to read more on How to Create One.

  • Moon ‘N’ Lenses
  •       One of the best thing to see is the SKY, I used Nikon 70-300mm & Sigma 50-500mm with 2x converter in some of my captures. Click the link to see some photos.

  • Macro on Fruit
  •       Visit to read about the studio set-up, requirements and result shots.

  • Macro on Fruit Session 2
  •       Visit to read about the studio set-up, requirements and result shots.

  • Convert the Negative to JPG Files.
  •       We all have lots of old file camera Negatives lots of them are for impotent occasions, we may want to digitalize them… Read More..

  • The Bonsai Experiment
  •       I like the idea and the over-all looks and shapes of Bonsai Tree … Read More..

  • Wood Crafting Projects
  •       I start this sets of projects to decorate my home & garden with some Wood Decoration ideas… Read More..

    The Bonsai experiment

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